Frequently Asked Questions

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Are there any hidden fees or service charges that I don’t know about?

No. However, please do be sure to note that the amounts listed on the contract for the Damage Deposit (Refundable-See separate policy), Service Fee (4% of total), & NC Tax (7% of Services) are not included in the price listed at the top of the contract page.

What happens if I have less people than I am allowed (ex: Only 40 people and I booked the Traditional package for 50).

The packages are contracted for up to a particular number of persons. There are no credits for having a final count less than the package allows. For this reason, we recommend booking a package that reflects 60-75% of your in-town guests and 50% of out-of-town guests. This way you will have a better grasp on the actual final count. If later you find that you actually have many more people than expected, we can always add people at $45 each and/or move up to the next package if needed.

Does the package Include Tax?

No. Unfortunately, NC now requires tax to be added on all Services. The amount is 7% onto the base package price.

I have chosen a package that includes lodging. What time is check in/check out?

Check in is at 3pm the day of arrival. Check out is 11am the day of departure.

Does the Inn have wifi and/or internet access?

Yes. There is a router setup for wifi access. Please note that the internet works best in areas closer to the office/ Dining Area as the signal is coming from there.

I see that the package includes allowances for outside services (Cake, flowers, etc)- Must I use vendors of your choosing?

You do not have to use the vendors that we recommend, however we highly suggest that you do. They are all very professional, personable, affordable, and very talented within their respective areas of expertise. They have all visited Sleepy Hollow numerous times and are very familiar with our setup/ how we run Sleepy Hollow.

What is the cake allowance and what happens if I go over it with the cake I choose?

We allot $3.50/person toward the cake. If you choose a cake that goes over budget, and you’ve selected a recommended vendor- We will simply add the overage to your bill at Sleepy Hollow. You also have the option of crediting out the cake and contracting a vendor on your own for this service.

What time does the event end?

Your Social Hour & reception time of combined 4 hours begins when the ceremony ends. Most ceremonies last about 30 minutes. (Ex: 3pm ceremony would have the Social hour & reception from 3:30-7:30pm) *Some packages do not include a Social Hour and would then end one hour sooner.

Can I add additional time? If yes, what is the cost and who remains present?

For most, the answer is Yes. You may add more time unless otherwise directed upon signing your contract. The fee for use of the space is $250. Please keep in mind that with adding time for the space, you will be keeping the beverage server on-staff only (DJ as well if included). This fee does not include extra time for catering services, coordinator services, etc.

Is there a cut-off time for when everything must be over?

As long as you have rented the Inn for the weekend then no, not really- By this we mean that you can add as many hours on as you’d like for the space. However, due to the local noise ordinance- the DJ must play his last song by 11:00pm. If you have selected a package without rooms then 10pm is the cut-off. Outside ‘Quiet Time’ is 10pm (Just don’t be Crazy-Loud! We have neighbors).

If we have guests coming in sooner than the date that we’ve booked the entire Inn for, can they stay at the Inn and if so, at what rate?

This depends on the availability of the rooms. However, typically the answer is yes with a minimum of 4 rooms- They may call or email to confirm a reservation and pay by check in advance or cash upon arrival. The fee is reduced to $125/nt for Queen Rooms, $145 for the Bridal Room, and $165/nt for Suites (Unless otherwise quoted). (Carriage House for a 3rd Night would be $175 in addition to the $360 rental fee for the first 2 nights).

What beverages are included?

The caterer provides teas (Sweet & Un-sweet) and water. Any additional beverages: You must provide.
Note: Coffee can be added for a fee. Refer to Sleepy Hollow staff for more details on rules/regulations about beverages you can bring and what is needed.

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